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Resources to follow up on

  • This paper discusses scientific terminology in Nguni languages (isiXhosa, isiNdebele, siSwati, isiZulu) - will see if a larger dictionary or phrasebook can be located
  • This English/Mandarin computing and automation dictionary in 5 volumes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) is from 1979 - especially considering the field, a more recent free resource would be welcomed.
  • Volume 1 and volume 2 of an English/Russian scientific and technical dictionary.
  • A 1980 English/Spanish statistical, scientific, and technical dictionary. Anything more recent?
  • Montclair State University has a page compiling many specialized multilingual glossaries. Perhaps it would be best for someone to go through it and see if it would better to simply link to the page, or just to pull the functioning, science-relevant links from it (if many of them are dead or not freely accessible, for example).