Literature on translations of scholarly articles

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Potentially interesting scholarly works on translations of scholarly/scientific articles. We are working on a Zotero collection. Many good references in this long thread by Peter Suber.

Raymond L. Carpenter (1989) Translation among English, French, German, Russian, and Japanese, The Social Science Journal, 26:2, 199-204. https://10.1016/0362-3319(89)90023-2

Abstract. Translation from one language to another is crucial for scholarship. This study examines translation from and to English, German, French, Russian, and Japanese. Quantitative analysis of UNESCO data and other sources shows that translation patterns vary considerably among languages, especially in their dependency on each other as sources of information. In terms of language populations, speakers of the four major Western languages are more interdependent as a group than they are on other language populations. English language text is the predominant source for translation into all other languages, and German translations from other languages are most numerous. Japanese literature, including that in science and technology, is rarely translated, but translation of major Western texts into Japanese is more extensive than into any other language.