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==Translate Science==
==Translate Science==
* [[Promoting translations in science]]
* [[Ideas for promoting translations in science]]
** [[Switchboard for translated scientific articles]]
** [[Switchboard for translated scientific articles]]

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This is the Wiki of the Translate Science initiative. We are a working group that wants to exchange information, lobby and build tools to make translations of scientific articles/reports/books, abstracts, titles and terms more accessible and (thus) stimulate the production of such translations.

This Wiki allows everyone to help us curate information on finding translations and general resources on translations in science, as well as ideas for promoting translations. Even if you have never edited a Wiki, it is really easy to correct mistakes and typos as well as to add information. For such small things the below "getting started" section will most likely not even be needed.

Finding translations

Resources on translations

Translate Science

Getting started with a Wiki

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.