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This page lists group we know of that work on translations. Feel free to add the ones we missed.

Translation groups

Language diversity groups

  • Masakhane is a grassroots organisation whose mission is to strengthen and spur NLP research in African languages, for Africans, by Africans.


Translation part of mission

Members of Translate Science

  • AfricArXiv is a community-led digital archive for African research and stimulates the translation of scientific articles and abstracts. About 2000 local languages are spoken in Africa.
  • The consultancy group Access 2 Perspectives works on language diversity.
  • Whose Knowledge: A global campaign to center the knowledge of marginalized communities (the majority of the world) on the internet.
  • The Open Climate Knowledge is working on a WikiData-based system that helps with reading difficult text by translating important terms.
  • The open post-publication Grassroots Review system plans to link to available translations on the review pages.

Translation services

  • Commercial translation services (not specially recommended ones, just ones we happened to find).
   * Peerwith
   * Enago
   * ulatus